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Supporting your journey in Media & Technology

Maximising technology is about building knowledge, skills and experience over time. So we offer the full range of services to support your journey, including initial assessment, training, production & support.

Services in Digital Media

Our services are about you getting results

Learning is part of business, not just about a course. We operate using Agile methods and support all our clients in the same way. Progress is about imparting skills and knowledge to gain the efficiencies they bring. In the fast moving world of digital technology, it is important to know what the tools can do for you, so you can choose how best they will benefit you, and how you can be more productive with them.

We offer an Initial Situation Assessment to discuss your projects, teams and challenges so that we can offer, or custom fit a solution that brings most benefit, over the time frame that suits your progression or projects. This can be a kicked off with a phone call, an email, a cup of coffee, or a formal meeting. It's all about building communication and understanding so we can deliver most impact.

You might need to grasp new technologies, master existing ones, or broaden and deepen the knowledge across different teams.

Just call one of the Big Wave team to discuss your projects or business objectives, and we'll help you forge a cutting edge in your business.
Classes are in small groups, with the highest qualified media instructors, ensuring a highly effective learning environment where we can all improve skills, and share knowledge. The environment is kept focused but always friendly, so you can ask the instructor any questions or go over any techniques again.

We offer scheduled classes every month throughout the year.

Why not let one of our instructors come to you? We can customise any of our courses to give you the mix and level of skills you need in the optimum timescales, and deliver them at your premises for up to 10 students at a time (subject to suitability of training environment). Our experience in design and training means that we can offer the complete tailoring service to take you from �initial training requirements� through to �organisational impact assessment�
We know that learning is about moving forward with new knowledge, but also learning from practical experience after the training modules. Having products or templates set up for you as part of our training and development services helps you progress with the technology faster. We support clients with production and development where required. This can be anything from templates for marketing materials, to full blown web site development or mobile app development.

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