HTML5/CSS3 Fundamentals

You will learn to construct web pages by hand coding HTML and then applying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the layout and appearance.

The course includes of lots of small hands-on projects, which you can begin applying to your own projects straight after the course.

Course Details

Duration: 3 Days

Class Size: 6 Students


Price: 895

Course Schedule

    DUBLIN – Ormond Building, 31-36 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin, Ireland

    LIMERICK – Croom Enterprise Centre, Hospital Road, Croom, Limerick

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    This HTML5/CSS3 fundamentals training course is for anyone interested in developing web design solutions using the latest scripting techniques to ensure a streamlined workflow in web development, and ensure consistent display on all devices, and web pages are easily found. No prior experience of HTML or CSS is required.

    This a broad list of content that may be covered

    • Intro to HTML5 Semantic Elements
    • Styling Elements with CSS
    • Styling Text & Designing Layouts with CSS3
    • HTML5 Audio
    • HTML5 Video
    • Responsive Web Design (CSS3 Media Queries)
    • Responsive Menus (CSS3 Media Queries)
    • HTML5 Forms
    • Responsive Forms (CSS3 Media Queries)
    • CSS Transitions
    • CSS Animations Using @Keyframe
    • CSS3 Backgrounds
    • CSS3 Web Fonts

    This course is aimed at students new to Web development, or looking to update their web skills to the latest versions of HTML and CSS to follow responsive and symantic web design techniques.

    – The instructor is highly flexible and will assist in any way possible to ensure students grasp class concepts. As a result, this course is extremely helpful in solving specific website challenges students may encounter. (ANONYMOUS)
    – I would recommend it as it is clear, concise and the use of building a website as a teaching method is excellent. (ANONYMOUS)
    – Very informed instructor (ANONYMOUS)