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Duration: 5 Days

Class Size: 10 Students


Price: 395

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    Practical workshops in order to build confidence and efficiency in using the iPhone, with core functionality apps as well as specific apps and technologies designed to enhance specific business uses.  These can comprise activities ranging from core use, to more sophisticated use.

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    The iPad and terminology
    Features, Functionality and Ease of Use
    Interface controls including volume, Home button, Sleep mode button
    Getting the most from your iPad Battery
    Managing your iPad security and passwords
    Overview of core iPad Applications
    Downloading additional ‘apps’ for increased functionality

    Working with your iPad

    Setting up e-mail accounts and connecting to servers
    Managing your calendar and syncing
    Managing your contacts (and syncing with Outlook)
    Using Google maps
    Using ‘Drop box’ to access files

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    Anyone interested in developing iPhone Apps, either for business, education, or personal use, or looking to get work as an iPhone Application developer. It’s an exciting opportunity to develop Apps as budding entrepreneurs.

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    “Within a week I had created a Twitter application, having never programmed on a Mac, or in Objective-C before! I can’t recommend iPhone App Training highly enough!”
    – Owen O’Byrne

    Recent Clients:

    Comreg, Pramerica, Apple Education Ireland, GillMacmillan, Folens, LeoBurnetts

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