Adobe Premiere Pro Course – 2 day Essentials

Course Includes:
  • Adobe certificate of completion
  • Course Notes/Slides
  • 12 months email support
  • FREE class repeat for 6 months

This Premiere Pro Course introduces video production techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, including combining video, audio, and image-stills.

Premiere Pro makes every step of video production more efficient by saving time from on-set capture through to output, and as such has become a professional standard for creative and professional video production. But it is ever more popular with companies and individuals creating corporate videos and web-content for uploading to web sites and you-tube.

Use it to expand your creative options via tight integration with After EffectsProfessional and Photoshop software; and reach the widest audience by delivering your content to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, the web, and mobile devices.

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Course Details

Duration: 2 Days

Class Size: 10 Max Students

Time: 10.00am -5.00pm

Price: €795

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    This Premiere Pro Course introduces video production techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, including combining video, audio, and image-stills. Learn about the timeline, assembling video clips, controlling sequences and enhancing them with transitions such as wipes and fades, introducing title sequences, fading and combining multiple audio tracks, and outputting to different formats for high, medium and lower quality output requirements.

    Each student will receive:

    • Adobe Certificate of Completion
    • 12 months FREE email support
    • FREE class repeat (if necessary)

    Useful resources:

    Adobe website links Premiere Pro:

    Reasons to switch to Premiere Pro:

    10 steps to successful video blogging:

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    Welcome to Premiere Pro
    »  An overview of Premiere Pro 

    »  Interface and navigation
    Importing and organising media
    »  Setting up a project
    »  Importing assets
    »  Organising and managing media
    »  Subclipping 

    Sequence settings
    »  Creating sequences
    »  Changing sequence settings
    Basic editing tools and techniques
    »  Approaches to editing
    »  Creating an assembly edit
    »  Storyboard editing
    »  Rearrange (swap) edits
    »  Basic trimming

    Refining the edit
    »  Ripple trimming
    »  Rolling edits 

    Essential audio
    » Syncing sound and image » Adjusting audio levels
» Basic audio mixing
    Using transitions
    » Applying transitions
» Default and custom transitions
    Motion and E ects
    » Putting clips in motion
» Working with essential e ects
    Creating titles
    » Creating basic titles and graphics » Crawling and rolling titles
    Introduction to colour correction
    » Correcting and adjusting tone and colour
    Rendering and exporting
    »  Gap detection
    »  Exporting frames, clips and sequences 

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    Producers, Editors, Video or Audio professionals, marketing professionals, bloggers, vloggers, digital designers, photographers, web developers or anyone looking to edit clips of video into professional looking video sequences for output to any media format.

    No video experience required for this Premiere Pro Course 

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    The course as a whole was pitched perfectly and worked as expected. Specifically I learnt how to integrate Premiere Pro into producing videos for work- C.O’Malley, March 2017 – MidWestRadio

    Mike was a FANTASTIC teacher and I feel that we covered a massive amount of stuff in a small space of time! Most useful parts were Organisation Organisation Organisation! and really helpful to learn different methods e.g. Storyboard Editing – Ellen Smith, Urban Media

    Most useful part for me was putting together a video myself and have a lecturer there to help if required – Aaron Barry – SPIN1038

    It was great to work with Big Wave again on delivering training Adobe video editing skills into the professional networks in broadcasting that we support! – Learning Waves, Ireland


    Sharing is caring!

    Sharing is caring!