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Everyone at Big Wave Media Training that I had contact with was so helpful and professional. The training went at just the right speed and no question was too big or too small.
Susan Baxtor, Oracle

I would highly recommend Big Wave Media to friends, family and work colleagues. I found the instructor to be highly knowledgeable. He was extremely helpful both in answering questions and providing assistance. The course is /was very helpful and I would be interested in attending other courses provided by Big Wave.
Christopher, AIB

Tutor was excellent. The training was intensive but fun. We learned a lot in a relaxed and supportive environment. The course covered a lot with lots of examples that could be applied to the work environment. Many thanks for a most enjoyable training experience.
Brian, Leargas

Excellent course and covered a lot of the areas I needed covered. Sometimes time beats us and we don’t get everything we want done, but overall this course covered almost all of the aspects I expected it to.
John, Irish Life Print

The course was very detailed and the instructor made it all seem very easy and manageable, despite it appearing daunting at first!
Claire, RTE

I found the course very beneficial, I will be back again!
Louise, LaFayette Photography